I have missed some of my classes? How can I cover the part of training I have missed? Will there be a charge for it?

You can attend the classes that you have missed in any of the upcoming batches for no extra charge. However, you need to inform this on time for us to reserve a seat for in the training sessions.

I could not understand some of the topics well. Will I get training on those subjects again? If yes will there be a charge for that?

Yes, you can the training again in the upcoming batches if could not understand any topic. There will be no charge for it.

How much salary will I be getting after completing digital marketing training program?

You can expect Rs.5000 to Rs.5,00,000/month initially. Though earning will depend on your time and skill investment.

Do you provide placements?

Yes, we do provide placements. You get placed depending on your performance.

What is the eligibility required to do these courses?

You need to have successfully completed you XII the certification in order to join any course at ASIM.

What are the criteria to gain certified status?

The training program includes evaluation system to judge your subjective knowledge and practical implementation success rates. You get the certificate after successfully completing your training programs.

How much money, I will earn in a month & how much time to work in a day?

You can expect Rs.10,000 to Rs.10, 00, 000/Month initially. Though earning will depend on your time and skill investment.

Is this possible to do work from home after I complete the course? / Is this possible to get such projects wherein I can work from home, if I complete this course?

Yes, of course after completing the course you can work from home or as a freelancer whatever you like. The most remarkable point is that not only you get the opportunity to work from home but you also earn a very good amount working from home.

If I pursue Course from your institute what kind of job opportunities will you provide me or help me with?

As per our records almost all the candidates got the job or promotions respectively within one month after they completed the course. Through our course you can explore three-way opportunities as you can simultaneously do your regular job and work as a freelancer side by side and also can earn money through affiliate marketing.

Is there any SEO and Internet Marketing jobs scope available outside India?

There are certain websites rather international job portals like www.simplyhired.com, www.totaljobs.com, www.indeed.com, www.monster.com, www.seek.com.au, http://www.jobsite.co.uk, www.reed.co.uk etc where you can get idea about the types of job opportunities in abroad. They also tell you about and how many different companies offering good pay package for digital marketing professionals.

What is the basic skill set required before enrolling me for the course?

Basic computer knowledge along with proficiency in surfing internet will be helpful in pursuing our course.

Is there any Flexible Timing for working professionals?

Yes, we have both weekdays and weekend classes. Not just that we have classes at different timing in the morning, afternoon and evening. We are flexible as per your needs so that you can manage both regular full-time job and class schedules.

Do you provide any Training Material?

Yes, we do provide training material but that would be the soft copies and not the hard copies.

Do you provide digital marketing training in any other cities?

Yes definitely. Right now, we are in PAN India expansion mode and currently we provide training in Bangalore and Kolkata other than Barpeta Road (Guwahati).

Can I get Job Assistance from your side after completing the course?

Yes, we will give you 100% Job Assistance.

Course Related FAQ:

What is Unique about ASIM courses?

These courses are designed, reviewed and delivered specially by industry experts providing you with real life situations and live projects to work upon.

What are the courses being offered?

The courses that are being offered here are Internet marketing, search engine optimization, inbound marketing and social media marketing.

For how long is the enrollment valid?

The enrollment is valid for six months.

How are these courses made?

The certificate courses here are made and reviewed by Industry experts to provide you core knowledge of internet marketing rather digital marketing for you excel in your field of work. The programs include all the components of digital marketing.

Do I get any practical training as well?

Yes, the training that you would undergo includes proper practical sessions. You get to work on live project during the training to have your hands on it before you start it at your work. Practical sessions help you understand the things in a much better way and help you build your expertise in the functional area.

Do you have interactive videos or satellite classes?

No, we provide a hands-on training.

Is there any exam that we need to give to get the certification?

No, there is no any exam as such.

Is the certification recognized all over India in any industry?

Yes, the certification is recognized all over India in any industry.

Does the certification have any affiliations from any University?

No, the certification doesn't have any affiliations from any university. Assam School of Internet Marketing is new and hasn’t established any relationship with any institute. We have developed a good reputation in the industry and ASIM is one of the leading institutes providing digital marketing training in Assam. The certificate courses have been reviewed by experienced industry professionals to ensure that our courses are highly relevant and employability enhancing.