Internet marketing training can give you the tools to create an exhilarating professional future in a quickly evolving sector of business. The digital world is simply rich with inspired opportunities and new innovations that give rise to ever-higher levels of success. Few other fields offer so much possibility. Earning an Internet marketing degree or similar credential can set you on a course toward making an impact within a career area that is still young and full of energy. In fact, a lot of marketers who specialize in online, mobile, or Web-based strategies are able to rapidly advance in their careers and go on to earn impressive salaries. The rise of online marketing has created a lot of specialized occupations that never existed before. And the pace of its evolution means that additional career options will likely keep appearing as fresh technologies emerge and get adopted by Internet users. That makes this field truly exciting to be a part of. You just never know what amazing new development is right around the corner. But everyone begins their career based on the opportunities of the present. For aspiring Internet marketers, that often means getting to choose from a wealth of enticing possibilities. Just check out these five examples: 1. Content Marketing Organic listings (i.e., non-advertising links) from search engines tend to be the top source of visitor traffic to most websites. In fact, Internet users perform over 10.3 billion searches on Google every month. And the vast majority of those users are conducting their online searches in order to research products or services.* But getting found within organic search engine listings usually requires a website to have plenty of good, relevant content. Then, to convert visitors into clients, customers, or subscribers, the content needs to engage them, educate them, and encourage them to act. So content marketing specialists are highly valued for their understanding of how to craft online articles, blog posts, infographics, videos, and other types of content that generate website traffic as well as conversions. According to a 2014 industry survey, the median salaries of people with careers in inbound marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), and SEM (search engine marketing) are over $60,000.** 2. Web Analytics and Research Gathering and interpreting useful online data and metrics is essential in the field of Internet marketing. In fact, in one survey of digital marketers, data analysis was cited as the most-trusted source of information for making decisions.*** That’s because it helps them identify and track the behaviors of their target audiences, which provides relevant insights into the best marketing strategies to pursue. And the area of web analytics often pays well. The median salary is more than $74,300.** 3. Social Media Marketing Internet Marketing TeamSocial networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become very powerful tools for marketers. They allow brands to easily interact with both existing and potential customers and clients. And they open up opportunities for launching creative marketing campaigns that get spread for free by their users. Plus, did you know that over 70 percent of people online are more likely to buy things from the brands they follow on their social networks than from those they don’t?* That’s probably why almost 60 percent of today’s marketers use social media for at least six hours per week.* When done as part of a good strategy, it can yield impressive results. Consequently, social media specialists often enjoy substantial incomes. Median annual pay is over $49,100.** 4. Email Marketing A lot of organizations have discovered that email provides the best digital marketing platform. So they leverage their online content to attract subscribers who opt in to receiving emailed newsletters or exclusive offers. Some marketing studies have even found that email marketing can be more effective than social media in getting people to visit your website and make a purchase. 5. Mobile Marketing Here’s a truly eye-opening statistic: By 2017, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets will account for more than eight out of every 10 Internet-enabled devices sold.* A lot of people are simply spending more time using mobile apps than using their desktop or laptop computers. That means the demand for mobile marketing professionals will likely expand right alongside the market they serve. And some of the best jobs will be in the area of user experience. Creating mobile online apps that are intuitive and easy-to-use is a complex task, which is why the median salary for user experience (UX) specialists is nearly $84,000.**

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