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Digital marketing is a mix of skills that includes writing, coding, using social media, using search engines, designing and graphics, even video making. And lets not forget the tools that a marketer has to use. A digital marketer needs to also understand how these tools work!

Enroll Now , Fast Learn , Earn , Then Pay For the Diploma in Home-based Online Business

digital marketing strategies

Besides all these, as a manager, a marketer needs to know how to pitch to a client, how to do a cost-benefit analysis, how to allocate and maintain budgets, campaign creation, agency operations and finally, reporting to clients!

Whew – sounds crazy right! But here’s the thing, If you are interested in marketing as a career; if you aspire to be a brand manager, marketing manager, growth hacker, or even a product manager, you need to know these skills to be able to manage the workforce executing them. What’s more? You can learn most of these skills online for free! And that’s what this article is all about. So let’s check out some courses. For ease of comprehension, we have divided the courses in 2 major buckets:

  • Content Strategy, Content Marketing and Management and SEO Courses
  • Courses on Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing & Advertising
Content Strategy, Content Marketing and Management and SEO Courses

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in – 2019, began observing the outbreak of a new coronavirus, which causes the respiratory illness known as COVID-19.

The tragic reality is more than 188 countries are infected and it’s spreading tremendously with each passing day and the coronavirus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person and there’s still no medicine for the virus.

One extreme is that the ailment may influence as much as a large portion of the worldwide populace inside a year, overwhelming health services and killing countless people.

Meanwhile, the worldwide economy is projected to drop to 2.4% in 2020 as a whole from 2.9%.

Some Countries are lockdowned and numerous businesses are struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Meantime, just fantasize about Digital Marketing in this circumstance.

The Coronavirus is most certainly affecting the digital marketing ecosystem. The impact on,

  • Decline in traffic and lead generation
  • Shutting down marketing campaigns
  • Affecting the advertising and marketing budgets.

We realize that digital marketing is ever changing and is something we need to continually be on top of, however a few changes come without warning and are totally unexpected. Here are five things to do for Digital Marketers during coronavirus lockdown.

  • Time to Learn
  • Planning
  • Prepare Case Study.
  • Write Content
  • Keep Mentoring

Time to Learn-

things to do for Digital Marketers during coronavirus lockdown

During this time, all things considered, you would think that it’s hard to keep up your profitability by righteousness of being stuck at home, and once the weariness and dullness sets in, you might need to begin searching for additional choices to keep yourself engaged.

If you are looking to embark on some personal development while stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak, think about taking some free online courses that you would’ve bookmarked in the past.

Nevertheless, this isn’t motivation to abandon your entrepreneurial dream.

Take this moment to pick up new skills, learn that new digital marketing tactic you kept aside for different reasons or simply expand your knowledge from the comfort of your home.

Basically supporting your insight or developing your business with digital strategies, learning new skills online to accomplish your professional goals is without a doubt a constructive way to adapt to the present self-isolation.


things to do for Digital Marketers during coronavirus lockdown

Present pandemic situation has set most businesses to halt i.e. digital marketing campaigns are made to pause due to coronavirus lockdown.

So, this is time to analyze the campaigns deeply and list down the prominent changes to be taken once the campaigns are back live. Few important alterations/research you can do now includes,

  • Audience research
  • Ad-copy alteration
  • Check out for keywords to be embarked
  • Get deep into the past performance and look out for opportunities for improvements
  • Other bidding related modifications if possible

Constantly improve campaigns with these tactics and it will revive your campaigns.

Prepare case study-

things to do for Digital Marketers during coronavirus lockdown

Case studies are a marketing staple. Businesses use them to show how their product or service has been actualized effectively by customers.

Rather than essentially discussing a product, Case studies permit businesses to show how their product can be utilized.

A case study can assist you with understanding a complex problem or object.

It permits you to represent and clarify how you made colossal progress in a specific circumstance.

And this is the right time to create that outstanding case study with proper research and data gathering.

Just creating a valuable case study is not enough, this is the time to plan for a promotional strategy as well. As said, here are some tips on how to promote your case studies,

  • Write a blog post covering the case study
  • Create a video walkthrough with appropriate screenshots
  • Place it in related pages i.e. the technologies involved
  • Offer the case study as an e-book via paid marketing (if you have budget to do so)
  • Promote it in your social channels

Write content-

things to do for Digital Marketers during coronavirus lockdown

Take your business by the horns and expand this opportunity to get ahead and it’s the right time to work on that one prominent pillar content that you wanted to accomplish.

Superior content provides important knowledge for your niche and if done right, will be valuable to the target audience for the foreseeable future, never losing relevance and always achieving a high ranking.

  • Understand Your Audience
  • Identify Your Readers Most Pressing Needs
  • Create Damn Good Content
  • Use Infographics and videos as Supportive Content
  • Update Pillar Content as Needed

Utilize this way it will be ready to get rocked after the pandemic.

Keep mentoring-

Coronavirus – fatal; several business and digital marketers are struggling. But this circumstance isn’t going to last forever. Business isn’t closing.

It is a great time to refurbish.

  • Offer your knowledge to your companions be it off-line or on-line.
  • Try to share, reinvent and validate ideas about digital marketing.
  • Share your knowledge, experience and strategy to others.
  • Provide guidance, business skills and motivate.
  • Go live in social media, it will be more effective.

Final Thoughts

Coronavirus is at the front line of everybody’s minds right now. We’re authoritatively living amidst a pandemic, and nearly everyone has been influenced. Growth and businesses as well got affected. But there’s no vaccine to defend yet ‘social distancing’ is the only way to tackle coronavirus. So maintain precautions and stay at home, stay safe and save lives.

If you have concerns about where your digital marketing is going, and want to discuss strategy in digital marketing then get in touch with us. Or Download this Diploma in Home-based Online Business by Assam School of Internet Marketing (1)

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