About School

Assam School of Internet Marketing is a IT teaching venture of Kharkhowa Bazar. Each of our instructors is hand-picked and is recognized as a leader in their respective industries. Our instructors are real-world successes who teach you real-world skills. Each one is extremely knowledgeable about their subject and passionate about passing that knowledge onto you. The instructors at Assam School of Internet Marketing aren’t here because they need to be; they’re here because they’re excited about what they teach and who they’re teaching.
In an age where lightning-fast changes are happening across all industries, learning must be accessible, it must be fast and it must be now.

We are a team of experienced professionals those come from other notable professions like blogging, marketing, journalism, entrepreneurship and corporate guiding fields. Our goal is to reach each and every corner of the whole country and becoming the voice of voice less. We have targeted to provide to our readers and clients the most relevant real news, articles, online services, Job information and shopping experiences. Product feedback/review from industry professionals are also welcomed to give a clear picture of the situation in market and generate business opportunities for common Indians.

A few words about ASIM founder:

 Main Uddin
Main Uddin holds the post of CEO at Kharkhowa Bazar and Indilens web Consultancy. He was the founder CEO at Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited.
Main Uddin is a pioneer e-marketer and professional blogger from Assam. He has 12+ years experience as working in the corporate world via various companies including Tata Motors and Hindustan Lever. He is well known for his expertise as Columnist, SEO, web designing and social media marketing.